Smart Watch Answer Make Calls, 1.83‘’ Watch Screen 2023 Fitness Watches with 37 Sports Blood Oxygen Heart Rate SLEP Monitor, SmartWatch for Women Men for Android iOS Phones (Gold)


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Product Description

smart watch dial callssmart watch dial calls

2023 Smart Watch Dial/Receive calls for iPhone & Android Phones, 1.83 inch HD Color Touchscreen SmartWatches for Women Men

smart watch with text and callsmart watch with text and call

——Heart Rate Monitoring: To show the range of your heart beat, the average level and your resting heart rate level, whether it is in good condition or not the recent rate is stable or instable, and if the heart rate exceeds the nomal level, the watch will remind you with it.

——Noise Monitoring: To continuously analyze the sound intensity in your environment, it will be helpful to understand how long you’re exposed to loud sounds because it will affect your hearing.

——Sleep Monitoring: To get you know the sleep duration at night, your heat rate, stressm respiratory quality while sleeping and give your a score about the sleep quality by analyze the deep and light sleep, the awake and rapid eye movements, also it offers the sleep assist in the app to help you sleep well.

——SpO2 Monitoring: To deliver the recent SpO2 varying range and let you know the blood oxygen saturation when you do exeercises or click the function on the smart watch.

——Stress Monitoring: To see whether your stress is beyond the average level and give you a overview of the data recorded day/week/month/year, if you have too much stress, it will cause physical or mental problems, try to use the breath training in the watch, you will feel much relaxed.

——Weather Forecast: Smart watch will show the weather for the next 7 days, allowing you to check the specific weather at any time without a phone. The weather function needs to be connected to the mobile phone to update in real time.

After successful connection, you can dial/ answer/ reject the phone call on the watch, you can view the call log information on the smartwatch, and add 20 contacts through APP.( Note: the phone number can’t have () symbol)

Note: The audio cannot be turned on when the watch battery is low. The distance of the Bluetooth connection should not exceed ten meters.

android smart watch text and call bluetoothandroid smart watch text and call bluetooth

Keep your app be the latest version; Keep CO-FIT APP running in the background all the time.

Smart Watch with Call Function, Dual Bluetooth Connection(App Connection and Phone’s Bluetooth Connection)

Tips: read carefully how to link two bluetooths, divided into two steps .

A: Connect to S80 PRO via your mobile phone.

CO-FIT APP supports the operating system of IOS 11.0 and Android 5.0 or above, and BT 5.0&3.0.

1. Turn on Bluetooth on the mobile;

2. Download APP: CO-FIT ;

3. After install the app, register and log in account according to a series of instructions.

B: How to pair the watch for iOS users:

First step: Open APP>device>add new device> choose S80 PRO

4. In the search list, select the S80 PRO with the strongest signal and confirm the pairing by clicking the pairing button on the watch screen as prompted by your phone. The Bluetooth icon on the watch will be blue in color , indicating that you are connected to Bluetooth 5.0.

During the pairing process, please click the confirmation button at the watch end in time.

iPhone users support Bluetooth 5.0 + 3.0 dual Bluetooth one-key link (match according to the system prompts box operation.

Android users need to first time in the Bluetooth pairing interface in the « call service pairing options » click « to bind » and then follow the interface operation prompts to complete the Bluetooth 5.0+ 3.0 pairing, subsequent links to the phone will be on the watch 3.0 Bluetooth memory, so as to achieve dual Bluetooth one-key link. (if not automaticallyconnected to Bluetooth 3.0, please manually search for Bluetooth watch model « S80 PRO » on the phone)

Other problems:

If your mobile cannot pair the watch, click Settings Bluetooth in your mobile and check if there is signal of S80 PRO. If yes, itmeans there is no problem with the Bluetooth signal. Please check if the watch is paired with other phones, please unbind it. IOS device users should click Setting – Bluetooth – ignore this device and then pair it.

bluetooth smart watch call

bluetooth smart watch call

android smart watches for women

android smart watches for women

smart watch for android phones for women

smart watch for android phones for women

22mm Band

The quick-release spring bars on both ends of the bracelet are made with seamless connection technology, slide the pin into the notch of the watch and keep two sides of the connector locked to the watch, push the pin inward, slide the other end inside.

Call & Messages Notification

After connecting the smart watch to the smartphone, you can receive calls, SNS messages (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Linkedin, Messenger, etc.), emails, calendar alerts, keep you informed in time of anything important.

The Bluetooth connection distance should not exceed ten meters.

Smart Watch with siri Voice Control

You can use voice function to wake up your phone’s voice assistant(like siri), to hlep you to make call or play music or something others.

Bluetooth calls (dialing, answering, rejecting) can only be made after audio Bluetooth is linked.

When making a call from your watch, you can on the smartphone choose to answer it with your watch or with your mobile phone.


Smart Watch Just for You

>>>How to operate?

1.Charge the watch to activate when use the first time.

2.Download App ‘CO-FIT’ (via scan the QR code in the manual), then enter the App to fill in your personal profile (height,weight,birthday,etc) to get more accurate experiences.

3.Turn on the bluetooth of your phone first. Enter the CO-FIT app, click ‘Add A Device’ , choose ‘S80 PRO’ in the list to bind.

4.Sync the data with the watch. The relevant health data will show you on APP homepage.

REMEMBER: The smartwatch must be connected through the CO-FIT app!!! Do not connect the watch via Bluetooth of the phone system directly. (If you connect the watch via your phone Bluetooth, the Mobile data and some functions may be unavailable.)

>>>How to get message notifications on the watch?

1.Keep connect the watch with CO-FIT App, and make the app running in the background to receive notifications.

2.Active the notification permission on your phone to allow CO-FIT APP to read all notifications.

>>>How to sync the weather?

1.Make sure the watch connect with the CO-FIT app, the weather will update automatically every hour after connect.

2.Or enter the CO-FIT App–>Choose « Others »–> Select « weather »–>Choose the city. You also can switch the Celsius or Fahrenheit as your needs.

>>>How to turn on the watch and set the time?

A: When you first use the watch, please charge the watch for 10 minutes first to activate it, then full charge about 2 hours. The smart watch’s time will automatically sync with your phone after you connect through the ‘CO-FIT’ app. You can set time format on APP.

Note: Sync the weather data must be open the weather function and your phone GPS positioning. iPhone must provide the CO-FIT app with location permission.

⌚All-day Health Monitoring💕:This fitness smart watch with receiving/dial function can detect your blood pressure and heart rate which can also keep track of your sleep data and bring you to more scientific sleep habits. You can enable 24-hour heart rate detection in the APP. Record all-day activities like steps, calories burned, miles walked, active minutes. Gives deeper grasp into your health.
⌚37 Sports modes🏃Track all your workout distance and physical status during exercise. Connect GPS in your mobile phone to track your exercise process. Life waterproof rating supports hand washing, rainy running (note: not suitable for diving, swimming or sauna. Try not to put the watch in the water). Enter the voice control function and long press for 3 seconds to activate your phone’s Voice Assistance so that to communicate with your phone to do whatever you want.
⌚1.83″ HD Full Touch Screen&Custom Watch Face Smartwatch📷 There are 100+ different watch face styles to choose. You can also DIY your watch faces with your own photos. The screen will light up every time while you raise your wrist, slide to adjust the brightness more user-friendly design. Swipe the screen to the right to come to the split screen, which can display the used applications interface.
🎁Smart Watch with call for Android IOS Phones⌚&Long Battery Life🔋Android smart watch is compatible with iOS 11.0 and Android 5.0 and above devices. It has such as Bluetooth voice call, voice control, camera control, weather, sedentary reminder, breath training, alarm, stopwatch, pedometer, find phone… The smartwatch with 240mAH battery capacity can be fully charged in about 2 hours, and it can be used for 2 days bluetooth call. Support 20 days standby time.

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Smart Watch Answer Make Calls, 1.83‘’ Watch Screen 2023 Fitness Watches with 37 Sports Blood Oxygen Heart Rate SLEP Monitor, SmartWatch for Women Men for Android iOS Phones (Gold)
Smart Watch Answer Make Calls, 1.83‘’ Watch Screen 2023 Fitness Watches with 37 Sports Blood Oxygen Heart Rate SLEP Monitor, SmartWatch for Women Men for Android iOS Phones (Gold)


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